Thursday, November 12, 2009

Depression/Pressing Down

When you press your emotions and feelings down, deny them, stuff them, repress them, and consequently do not express them, there is a build up of unexpressed energy. All that energy has to go somewhere and if it can't express itself and exit in the natural way, it starts to press down on your life force and vitality. One of the most common reasons people do not express their feelings is that they are afraid, it is not safe to feel certain feelings and/or express those feelings. Staying safe is a primal need that cannot be overemphasised.

Blocking and stunting our natural expression depresses our life energy. Eventually this will manifest in the physical realm. We become more and more sluggish, daily tasks are more of an effort and slog, our movements slow down as does our thinking. We start to feel overwhelmed and anxious because there is no room for any more of anything. We become more and more afraid of everything. This is the time when hopefully we will reach out for help. Many people break down before they will ask or seek the help they need. Very often a breakdown can be a breakthrough, it's an opportunity to see what does not work and respond differently.

The thyroid gland is affected by depression. The thyroid is found in the throat so it is no accident that when the expression of our voice or feelings is depressed in any way that this gland's function is affected. Many people with depression have below par thyroid function which can often go unnoticed by allopathic medicine because it may not fit the blood test parameters of a hypothyroid diagnosis (underactive thyroid). Some symptoms of an underactive thyroid gland include fatigue, dry skin, cold hands and feet, sluggishness and weight gain. Extract below from Silvia Hartmann's book Adventures in EFT.

Gamut Spot
Connection; GS = Gamut Spot = Triple Warmer (Thyroid Meridian)
When blocked there is an inability to express emotions and love.
When tapped removes low self-esteem and opens us up to emotional
interaction with others.

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