Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Energy in Motion

Emotions are - energy in motion - E-motion. The key here is: motion. When emotions stop moving they stagnate in certain areas of the body and mind and eventually these stagnations and blockages may cause dis-ease and dis-order. What this means in emotional terms, is not feeling our feelings or emotions. When we don't feel or allow ourselves to feel, our energy stops moving and flowing in the natural way it is supposed to. Psychiatrist Ivor Browne calls trauma unexperienced experience. We can rephrase this to mean experience or energy that has been stopped, shielded or blocked. An experience that is no longer in motion. What usually blocks or stops this motion of energy is believing it is wrong or bad to feel what we feel, hence all the guilt and shame that can ensue. Or sometimes, we just didn't and don't have the wherewithal and resources to process our feelings because we were too young or the experience is and was too overwhelming. This is where our body comes in. What the body does, in this instance, is hold the experience for us until we are ready to process and feel it. We need to remember to do this or the body will become overloaded with unprocessed or unexperienced experience and dis-ease or dis-order may occur.

Here's an excerpt from One Day My Soul Just Opened Up by Iyanla Vanzant
"An emotion is like a burst of energy that quickly circulates through the mind and body, indicating that there is an imbalance of energy that needs to be brought back into balance. Balance as used here means neutrality or being void of meaning. When a thought or experience impacts the conscious mind, the energy begins to move throughout the mind and body, attaching itself to every like energy that already exists. This means that if a thought or experience evokes anger in you today, it will find and attach itself to every thought or experience that ever caused you to feel this way. Whether your first experience was at age three, five or sixteen does not matter. The energy of the experience remains in your subconscious mind."
This is why we are usually never angry for the reason we think we are. It is because the experience reminds us of the first time we felt this way. It triggers us, pushes our buttons and brings up the memory or memories that are attached to that emotion or feeling. To bring back our natural balance, this energy or emotion needs to be felt, processed and let go or dissolved. The natural ebb and flow of life, and this is where EFT comes in. It dissolves blocked energy (unfelt or unprocessed emotions) and restores the natural flow and movement of  energy in our energy systems. EFT Short cut.


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